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Huangshi Meifeng Chemical Co., Ltd. was founded in 1993 and our major products at that time were phosphorous acid and organic catalyst. <br> <br>Starting from 1998, Huangshi Meifeng Chemical Co., Ltd. began to produce Benzophenone-1 and Benzophenone-4 UV absorbers for cosmetics and BDA pharmaceutical intermediates. <br> <br>In 2002, Meifeng formed a subsidiary &quot;Hubei Meikai Chemical Co., Ltd.&quot; to expand our UV absorbers into Benzophenone-2 and Benzophenone-3 as well as our pharmaceutical intermediates. <br> <br>In 2003, Meifeng established our own R&D center in Huangshi City. <br> <br>In 2004, our company passed ISO9001:2000 international quality system certification. <br> <br>In 2005, Meifeng formed another subsidiary &quot;Jingmen Meifeng Chemical Co., Ltd.&quot; to produce Benzophenone-12 (UV absorber) and light initiator 1173. <br> <br>In 2006, Meifeng upgraded our refining, drying and packing workshop into cGMP qualified unit to produce Benzophenone-4 and Octocrylene. In 2008, the same cGMP workshop was established in Hubei Meikai for Benzophenone-2 and Benzophenone-3 production. Thus, our products can comply with the requirements of USP. <br> <br>In 2007, we established Huangshi Foss Import & Export Trade Co., Ltd. for exporting chemical products from our group and other companies. <br> <br>Today, Huangshi Meifeng has grown into a leading high-tech entity in UV absorbers, serving cosmetics and plastic industries, light initiators and pharmaceutical intermediates. Our company consists of three production enterprises, one import & export company and one R&D center. Our company occupies 300 acres of land and has more than 480 employees, among whom there are two PhDs and six masters.

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