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Hyperclean technology (s) pte ltd is one of the rapidly growing companies which manufacture and distribute wide range of quality cleanroom and esd products. <br> <br>We are offering our best services to various firms such as semiconductor, contact lens manufacturing, biomedical implants manufacturing, pharmaceutical, aseptic hospital, biotech research, printed circuit board assembly, biomedical device manufacturing, and food processing etc. <br> <br>Our company is one of the subsidiaries of englotechs holdings and it is the holding company controlling overall group operations. The company was incorporated in Malaysia in 1984. The principal activity of the company is the manufacturer of fiber insulators (cotton liners), string knit gloves and all kinds of work gloves. Moreover, englotechs is also involved in the production of raincoats and other rainwear. <br> <br>Today, hyperclean is providing wide range of cleanroom and esd products listed as follows; <br> <br>Latex gloves (class 10, class 100, powder free and pre-powdered) <br>Nitrile gloves (class 10, class 100, powder free and pre-powdered) <br>Vinyl gloves (class 10, class 100, powder free and pre-powdered) <br>Esd fabric gloves <br>Esd fabric PVC dotted gloves <br>Esd fabric PU coated gloves <br>Palm fit & top fit gloves <br>Esd palm fit & top fit gloves <br>Lint free gloves <br>Wipers & smt rolls <br>Swabs <br>Esd mats <br>Sticky mats <br>Cleanroom garments <br>Shoes and boots <br>Head covers <br>Face masks <br>Shoe covers <br>Lapping carrier <br>Wrist strap <br>Shielding bags <br> <br>We export to us, Europe, China and Malaysia and we are trying aggressively to expand our market to all over the world. <br>

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