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OMR Solutions is one stop place where you can find complete solution for your omr and data related work. OMR Solution is ventured by IndiaOutsources, who are premiumly attached with OMR related work, and has provided solutions to Fortune 500 Clients with Principia the unbiased leader for OMR <br> <br>OMR is recognising your form and test data in form of bubbles or check forms and then generation information from it <br>OMR is widely used in Surveys, Education Forms, Test Series, Government Deptts. Universities. We provide services and products for data collection and reporting systems using OMR (optical mark recognition), image, and web-based data collection methods. <br> <br> <br>Few examples of type of Industries who has automated their manual data into computerised version, with OMR Solutions. <br> <br>Education <br>HealthcareBusiness <br>Attendance <br>Patient Encounter <br>Time & Attendance <br>Grade Reporting <br>Patient Outcomes <br>Inventory Control <br>Test Scoring Surveys <br>Satisfaction Surveys <br>Course Registration <br>Scheduling Applicant Tracking <br>Course/Instructor Evaluations <br>Continuing Education Employment Apps <br>Payroll/Time & Attendance <br>Home Healthcare <br>Visits Benefits Enrollment <br>Performance Assessment <br>Patient Menus <br>Instructional Management <br>

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