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Founded in February 2002 (In 1991, its former company, Allion Computer Inc., was founded), Ingrasys Technology Inc. is an embedded system leading designer and OEM/ODM manufacturer of network UPS monitor card, which could support SNMP and HTTP protocol, IP Power Manager, Backplane & LED board design ability and network storage. Headquartered in Taoyuan, Taiwan, and more than 200 employees worldwide. Over 70% are R&D engineers dedicating on advanced network computing technologies developments. Expert at Remote Control and Management Network UPS monitor cardEasily Monitor all status of UPS like power, voltage, current, capacity via network and also can perform safety shutdown toward 250 clients simultaneously, while AC Fail event occurs. Remote Power ManagerOnce we have to shut-down or reboot the electronics devices in a company. The devices are far away and the person in charge is on the holidays. The only thing that you have to do is merely plug-in the important devices to the RPM's outlets. Then you can control and manage all the power via network and set up the safe shut-down/reboot procedure with ease. Network Attachment StorageProvide cost effective high capacity, safest data storage, best performance/price ratio, severe security control and complete disk back up solution.

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Ingrasys Technology Inc.


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