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Inkstation Pte Ltd has been in the ink business for more than 2 years and we have established ourselves as a big player in Singapore. <br>Inkstation strives to provide its customers with innovative and environmentally friendly printing products that gives you a run for your money. <br>Inkstation is poised to expand overseas through distributing it's innovative products. <br>Our products include: <br>Continuous Inking Systems compatible with Epson, Canon & HP Printers. Heat Transfer Machines for Mugs, T-Shirts & Caps. Namecard Cutter Machines & Namecard Design Software Package. OEM Inkjet Paper Products. Refillable Ink Cartridges, Replaceable Ink Cartridges, Compatible Ink Cartridges. Refill Ink. <br>Signup as our distributor and recieve the various benefits: <br>1. Free Joining Fee <br>2. Zero Commission Fee <br>3. High Profits <br>4. Free Technical Support <br>5. Free One-to-One Replacement For All Products <br>6. Territorial Exclusivity <br>7. Minimum Purchase of USD $3000. 00 Only <br>Visit our website at WWW. VIP. Com. Sg today. <br>

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Inkstation Private Limited


109 North Bridge Road, Funan Digitalife Mall #04-02



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Continuous Inking Systems

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