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Our company was founded in 1973 in Ankara. The products manufactured in our plant where the fashion and developing technology are closely followed, are served the clients at our customers all around the world. <br> <br>In our modern plant within a closed area of 3000 m2 ; The conscious of responsibility created by serving 'the best' and 'the most beautiful' which are the sole aim of dynamic and initiative stuff together with high-tech machinery and 300 experienced and professional employees in production unit, is the most important factor that made us leader in the sector we serve. In the way we depart with the principal of 'Working that is the unique rule of success and permanence' we owe our success not to earn much, but the effort we make to reach the best. <br> <br>The fonders of the company have recognized achievement as a life style formed today a modern factory which was only a modest enterprise in 1973. This achievement has been confirmed by other firms in the sector. <br> <br>To catch and feel the rhythm of the fashion can be possible working with the people who keep pace with the day and therefore we are pleased to cooperate with Technical Schools, Institutions, and School of Stylistics. <br>We are working on textile ready wear business since 1973 as an manufacturer of ready wear and capacity of 1.000.000 pieces knitted wear,1.300.000 pieces t-shirt and 1.000.000 pieces daily products. <br>( skirt, shirt, blouse, trausers, etc... ) <br> <br> <br>However, we are not satisfied with our shares in those markets, we navigate throughout the world. Moreover, we are planning to expand the trade borders from Europe to Canada with our unique designs and variety of quality products to serve the best for local and international clients.

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All kind of outer wear

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