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Intaglio Systems has been promoted by a group of like minded professionals, who have profound interest in professional, educational and economic growth of society. The edifice of the company stands on strong foundations of values, ideas and visualizations. The pivotal role of Intaglio will be as an instrument of change in society by rendering technical expertise. The motive to start Intaglio technologies is to intelligently utilize the resources. Intaglio comprises of people of different domains and expertise who excel in providing R&D services, Software development, Automotive systems, Robotics and many other hitech application services. <br><br>The driving theme at Intaglio, for all employees, is that of service to our customers, our values and vision. We strive to give this personalized attention to our customers and be responsive to their questions and needs, to pave the way to extraordinary levels of customer loyalty and repeat business for us.<br><br>SERVICES WE OFFER<br>Software Training & Project Development - The company provides complete solution to all the software needs of its customers such as website development, application development, embedded application development so on<br><br><br>Embedded System Training & Project Development - With the rapid advances in digital embedded systems and the wide applications in safety critical tasks, IntaGlio technologies has been working on variuos applications in the health, automotive and automation sectors. Safety critical tasks such as patient health monitoring and automatic control of robots have been executed by our team.<br><br>Automative Embedded Systems - A recently published report from IMS Research entitled &quot;The Indian Market for OEM Automotive Electronics&quot; predicts that electronic content will become more advanced with each new generation of vehicle produced in India. Fitment of convenience and comfort systems is forecast to grow quickly. Electric windows, electric seats, cruise control and tyre pressure monitoring are all expected to become more common over the next decade.<br><br>Aerospace Systems - IntaGlio technologies has a team of engineers dedicated for carrying research activities in the field of aerospace and aeronautics. The team is currently working on aeromodels both control line and remote controlled based. Projects executed for students in this domain involve exposure to the basic construction details of a model aircraft, material issues, weight and lift issues involved with extensive calculations which are finally incorporated in the design of the aeromodel to make it airborne. <br><br>Digital Signal Procesing Solutions - IntaGlio systems is also recognized in carrying out research for the effective removal of noise and signal extraction in digital signals employed for critical applications such as radars. A recent technology on Digital Beamforming for radar applications is being studied and an active research work is going on. The mitigation of clutter received by an airborne radar while carrying out ground surviellance is also an ongoing resaerch by a team of highly enthusiastic employees of the company.<br><br>Control System application development - IntaGlio systems has wide experience in control system application and development using MATLAB/Simulink and other simulation softwares. Our experience of model based design concepts, model generation, auto code generation and rapid prototyping on different hardware micro controllers, model verification and validation etc. are our core skills

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Plastic pouch making machinery

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