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We develop system backup and recovery software with single command working on portable live USB. <br>2008. 10. ITsoul Co., Ltd. was founded. <br>2008. 10. REVIVE 1. 0. 0 release. <br>2008. 10. Patent Registeration in progress. <br>Title: System and method for backup and restoration<br>Number: 10-2008-0103731<br>2008. 12. Accredited to Venture company from Korea government. <br>Number: 20080203978. <br>2008. 12. REVIVE 2. 0. 0 Release. <br>2009. 3. REVIVE 2. 2. 0 Release. <br>2009. 4. ITsoulCreator 1. 0 Release. <br>2009. 4 Open itsoul. org in Korea. <br>2009. 4. Patent (Utility) Registeration in progress. <br>Title: Invention of the solution for recovery and backup of a computer operating system (OS) or control the computer using a mobile device. <br>Number: 20-2009-0004513<br>2009. 5. Open recoveryos. com in USA. <br>2009. 5 Trademark Registration In progress. <br>Trademark: REVIVE<br>Number: 40-2009-0020404 (English) <br>Number: 40-2009-0020488 (korean) <br>

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# 806, exptel, 381, manyun-dong


South Korea

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revive portable

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