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Jaguar Trading is the international agent of Tambau, we are searching for distributor that could introduce our product into there local market. <br>Located in north eastern Brazil and with more than sixty years experience, Tambau benefits from the enormous variety of the local flora to produce the best jams, jellies, tomato products, sauces, ketchup and food service. <br>For the production of its jams and jellies, Tambau selects the most exotic flavors of tropical and counts on a highly efficient product development team. <br>The incessant search for quality can be verified in all stages of production: from the careful choice of raw materials, some cultivated in the companys farm, to using the most modern machinery and techniques. This is what makes Tambau eminent in national food production. <br>The Tambau Sweets, therefore, stand apart from all other options on the market. It is a product capable of satisfying the highest expectations. <br>

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Jaguar Trade


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