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We can one of the exporter of gypsum powder / plaster of Paris<br>Detailed Description<br>We can offer Gypsum Powder at US $65 FOB Karachi port. Other detail and specification are below. <br>Terms of sale: LC at Sight or Advance payment<br>Country of origin: Pakistan<br>Port of Shipment: Karachi<br>Packing: 50Kgs Polypropylene bags with inner Polythene (Polylinner) with detail Printe or as per requirement<br>Brand: Jallo Brand<br>Chemical analysis<br>Product: Gypsum Powder (Plaster Of Paris) <br>Chem. Formula: CaSO4. 1 / 2 H2O &quot;Calcium Sulphate Hemi hydrate&quot;<br>Grade: Commercial<br>Physical Appearance: White fine Powder<br>Mesh: 80<br>Setting Time: 20-35 Mins or as per your requirement<br>Average Chemic AL Analysis<br>Silica as SiO2 0. 66% <br>Alumina as Al2 O3 0. 57% <br>Iron Oxide as Fe2 O3 0. 11% <br>Calcium Sulphate Hemi hydrate as CaSO4. 1 / 2 H2OHemi hydrate 98. 42% (Plaster of Paris) <br>Combined Water 6. 14% <br>Loss on Ignition 6. 56%

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