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We invite you to take part in our BLOCKBUSTER movie. It will be a HISTORICAL event in our Malaysian Movie industry. <br>For your kind information, the movie &quot;Aduh Saliha&quot; will be directed by a well known artist, a singer, lyricist, composer, actor M. Nasir who has a proven track record and hold many awards to his fame in the entertainment and broadcast industry. The leading actor would be one of our top Malaysian celebrities Mawi as Man Hero and the leading actress is Puteri Sarah Liyana as Saliha. The synopsis of the movie is based on a fantasy of the Malay cultural belief in a place called &quot;Alam Bunian&quot;. The storyline touch on Man Hero accidentally getting lost and entered into this &quot;Alam Bunian&quot; world where he met Saliha, the daughter of the penghulu (the head village) . <br>Mystical, Romance and Adventure. Filmed in beautiful and scenic background of Sabah. <br>The movie will be released in Malaysia, Singapore and Brunei. It will also be released in DVD format. This two factors alone allows your company name and branded products to be made known to million of viewers. <br>The movie will also be aired on major TV channels in the future years thus giving you a long mileage in keeping your company's name and brand name products in the Mass Media 'entertainment' industry. <br>We encourage you to place your company's products and brand name in the movie. OR JOIN US in our MASS MEDIA coverage of the events i: e ROADSHOW, PROMOTIONS, ADVERTISEMENT, MERCHANDISING, NETWORKING and ETC. Even if you do not wish to place your product in the movie. It will give you instant attention from million of movie goers. Do join us in merchandising our movie brand name &quot;Aduh Saliha&quot; as premium items, gifts and souveniers. Do let your clients know about this movie, perhaps offer them the opportunity to take part in this movie's promotions and MERCHANDISING VENTURE. <br>The CONSUMER MARKET for the MALAY SECTOR is more than TEN MILLION PEOPLE. <br>THINK about CROSS ADVERTISEMENT with us. <br>CROSS PROMOTIONS and MUCH MEDIA COVERAGE. <br>MAGAZINE ADVERTISMENT <br>PROMOTIONAL TOURS and ROAD SHOWS. <br>BE OUR DISTRIBUTORS <br>NETWORK with us to MILLION OF PEOPLE. <br>* NOTE, please PHONE me directly for all inquiries, as I have to go through over hundred of emails everyday, I may not be able to reply to you via email. <br>

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Japan Design ( 1988 )


B2-3-12a Tower 2, Venice Hill Condo. Persiaran Puteri Satu, Taman Puteri, Cheras Batu 9, Kajang. Selangor. Malaysia



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