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We came into existance in 1982, with our main line of manufacturing being focused in the following: <br>A. Tag Pin / Tag Fastener <br>>>Standard Tag Pin <br>>>Fine Tag Pin <br>>>Micro Standard Tag Pin <br>>>Micro Fine Tag Pin <br>>>Micro Fine 'I' Tag Pin [T-End Pin] <br>>>Loop Pin <br>>>Loop Tie Pin <br>>>Standard Ring Pin <br>>>Standard Hook Pin <br>>>Double Pin [V-Pin] <br>B. Tag Guns <br>>>Standard Tag Gun <br>>>Fine Tag Gun <br>>>Free Pitch Standard Tag Gun <br>>>Free Pitch Fine Tag Gun <br>C. Tag Gun Needles <br>>>All type of Tag Gun Needles suitable for Mark I / Mark II type Tag Guns. <br>D. Textile Cleaning Spray Guns <br>>>Metal Body Spray Gun <br>>>Plastic Body Spray Gun <br>We export to over 32 countries and have developed a strong reputation for our quality. Our top-notch development team is continuously upgrading systems with the latest technology and deveeloping innovative tools and features to keep up an improve the quality of our products. Some of our developments are also patent protected. <br>

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