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Established in 2004, Jollystar photoelectric science & technology Co., Ltd. Is an innovative, international technology company. The company is dedicated to providing innovative and customized optical & electronic products, services and solutions to meet the different needs and requirements of customers worldwide. <br>Jollystar's optics development department specializes in the research and development, production and marketing of optical components and image systems, providing customized optical components and image systems in different fields. It has 53 employees, 5 of them are experienced design experts, 8 of them are experienced production experts and 30 of them are production engineers with abundant experience. So we are very professional in designing and manufacturing all kinds of custom optical components and image system. Jollystar can design and manufacture Sphere lens, Unsphere lens, Prism, Mirror, Window, Achromatic lens from BK7 glass, quartz, CaF2 or crystals. According to your demands, Jollystar can also design and manufacture all kinds of lenses used with camera and other image system for you, such as Fish-eye Lenses, eyepieces, Conversion Lens (attachment lenses) , image system used in machines and instruments and so on. Jollystar has designed and manufactured millions of Conversion Lens (attachment lenses) and lenses used in medical machine, measurement and test instruments, Analytical Instruments for customers worldwide. <br>

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Jollystar Photoelectric Science & Technology Co., Ltd


No. 311, Linhe Street 4065, Economic And Technological Development Zone, Changchun 130033, Jilin, China



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Optical Components,Optical Components

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