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Ludik is a Chilean company dedicated to the development, manufacture, distribution and exportation of local projects and products. <br>Ludik was created in 1997 by a young 22 years old university student (Sebastian Milos Montes). In just a few years the company has successfully established itself in Chile and in foreign countries where it has representation. <br>Ludiks products currently are sold in major supermarkets, toy stores and department stores in Chile, Latin America and Europe.<br>Today, Ludik is a limited liability company consisting of two members (Sebastian Milos Montes, 84% and Daniela Sanchez Sanchez, 16%). <br>Ludik is associated with large suppliers who have great expertise in their areas, extensive experience, high capacity in production and export. Thanks to this, the company has great success in foreign markets. <br><br>Other important trait of the company is the strength and positive image of its brand. <br><br>This has been achieved thanks to many successful projects, to the various exhibitions in which it has participated, through its web sites, the creation of a consistent image in each of their products, excellent press coverage, among others.<br><br>In the exports area, we highlight the presence of the company in Nuremberg Toy Fair, Germany. The Fair is the worlds largest in the toy category. <br>Ludiks creator and Owner Sebastian Milos Montes, has received several awards for various achievements of the Company. Among these: <br>50 of the most successful young businessmen by Diario Financiero. <br>2004: 100 leaders by El Mercurio newspaper.

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