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JV Technoton produces: fuel monitoring systems, equipment for GPS vehicle tracking, on-board and stationary systems of automobile diagnostics, fuel flow sensors, fuel level sensors, fuel flow meters.<br>Working on a joint of technologies we aspire to meet the challenge of efficient operation of motor and tractor machinery in conditions of a global rise in prices for fuel, increasing vehicles fleet, complicated design and service conditions.<br>JV Technoton was created in April 2000. The company is situated in Minsk -industrial, cultural and scientific centre, the capital of the Republic of Belarus. The biggest manufacturers are situated in our city and nearby: MAZ (trucks), Amkodor (loaders, road-building machinery), MTZ (tractors), AMAZ (buses), MMZ (diesel engines), BelAZ (heavy trucks). Our company is production is creating in close collaboration with the specialists of these enterprises.<br><br> JV Technoton is a dynamically developing company. Increase in annual sales volume in 2005-2009 is not less than 100%. The enterprise has grown from a small group of enthusiasts to the full-grown developer and manufacturer of the complex electronic equipment. Nowadays the company is staff is about 100 skilled technicians.<br><br> The company has an effective distribution network. In September 2008 we were represented by 54 authorized Dealers and 43 certificated Partners in Belarus, CIS countries and the European Union countries. Public Corporation SurgutNefteGaz, plants MAZ and Amkodor are the largest consumers of our production. More than 70% of production is exported. The main regions of export are Russia, Ukraine and the European Union countries.<br><br> The company has a number of service centers in 7 cities (Minsk, Voronezh, Krasnodar, Stavropol, Kirov, Surgut and Poltava) which carry out after-sales and post-warranty service.<br><br> The great attention in the company is attended to the training of staff, dealers and partners. In 2006-2008 more than 200 employees of partner organizations successfully passed training coursers in our Installation and Training Department. It has become a tradition to hold the dealer seminar every spring to discuss crucial issues of promotion and operation of our production.<br><br> JV Technoton owns trade marks CKPT, DFM, Technoton, ORF and a number of patents. The company constantly participates at specialized exhibitions. The libraries of standards, technical literature and documentation archive are created.<br><br> Since the middle of 2008 quality management system is being implemented in accordance with the requirements of ISO 9001 which covers not only production, but all spheres of the company activity.

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JV Technoton


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