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We at KNS. have a team of veteran engineers and developers that have been innovators in the global satellite market since 1985. The engineers here at KNS have been key representatives in the global technologies business, specializing in 3 axis-based and maritime satellite systems fully equipped with state of the art programming devices. With the KNS team, you have experienced innovative engineers developing state of the art products; including in-motion satellite TV, in-motion one way satellite communication systems, and two way satellite communication systems. This means you can be confident that you are receiving the latest high tech satellite equipment available on the market today, that has been personally designed and handled by the top professionals in the industry. Whether you are interested in military, RV, mobile internet, or marine satellite systems, you can be assured to have the latest technology and the highest quality products available on the market <br>

Company Introduction

Company Details:

KNS Inc.


5-1 Gogcheon-Myun Hyangsan-Ri


South Korea

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Main Products:

Satellite antenna

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