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Wall mounted Aquarium <br>In the 21st century, new millennium, new home trends are settling down that all the house appliances are attached on the wall to use space at its maximum as the change of innovative home space according to customers' various satisfaction of need. <br>Thus, our company has increased the level of our aquarium that was just for the accessories to the aquarium of interior concept. Furthermore, based on our accumulated experience, know-how, and our best specialist, we have produced and supplied elegant wall aquarium, the best professional quality with 1 billion liability insurance, which has luxurious Douglas fir frame and beautiful photo of scenery inside the aquarium (in the water) with simple and elegant design of city trends that suitable to new home spaces. <br>In addition, we acquired industrial right that can contribute to unique brand power and prepared for stable and long-term profit creation, and our quality was recognized in the domestic market. Moreover, the export of our products are successfully made to the United States and Southeast Asia. <br>However, we are not satisfied with this, we developed world's first ever digital wall advertisement aquarium as our continuous technology development and new change of conception adequate to the digital generation. It is environment friendly AD product that can create unlimited value added, people enjoy the advertisement images and information with wonder, and we guarantee that massive effects of advertisement are expected <br>

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