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Kunming Panlong Ren Qing Tea-Set Business Department is specialized in The Black Pottery, which is based on the ancient Yunnan-Tibetan black pottery that had existed more than 4000 years. Our product inherits the intangible cultural heritage of Yunnan minority nationality and combines the essences of Yunnan local culture and Longshan culture. The above origins make the Yunnan black pottery have primitive national style and artistic feature in its type, carving and color. Our product strongly embodies the Yunnan local flavor and pristine lingering charm. The Black Pottery made byKunming Panlong Ren Qing Tea-Set Business Department has well practicability and aesthetic value. <br> <br>Kunming Panlong Ren Qing Tea-Set Business Department takes the Yunnan pottery clay as principal raw materials, which have pitch-dark color, look smooth and have high density. The shape of the Black Pottery looks like primitive, elegant and grand while its carving pattern looks like finely, mellifluent, romantic, grand and magnificent. The pottery doesn't need any treatment after taking out of the kiln and its appearance is as black as lacquer and as bright as a mirror. Our workshop also uses some special paints to dye the drawings on the black pottery to make the Colored Sculpture Black Pottery. <br> <br>The Colored Sculpture Black Pottery just can be cleaned by cold water and detergents, and can't be cleaned by hard brush and organic solvents. <br> <br>Products of the Kunming Panlong Ren Qing Tea-Set Business Department are: High-class gift, Tea caddy, Tourist souvenir, Memento of meeting and others. In order to meet the clients' requirement, we will design new product continuously and we also can produce custom-built pottery for special individual taste. We sincerely welcome every client to come to negotiate and make order with us. We will be appreciated to have business relationships with you and make products according to all your requirements. <br> <br>TEL: 0871-5422157 Mobile: 15288252120

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Kunming Panlong Ren Qing Tea-Set Business Department


Panlong District of Kunming City, xiongda tea six 8-10



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Black ceramic

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