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We are a company duly organized & legally operating under the Philippine Law. <br>We started as a real estate company providing all kinds of projects & services since 1988. <br>It includes selling & leasing of office buildings or units, commercial retails, industrial land & properties, farmland & beachfront properties. <br>Due to the growing demand in various field of our industries, our company slowly but surely entered into another spectrum such as the Mining Industy, Aqua-Marine & Agricultural products. <br>Our company is now involved in some operating mining projects & selling different mineral ore such as nickel, coppers, manganese, iron, etc. We're also offering various mining projects both large & small scale. <br>Now we are also exporting fresh Tilapia & milkfish in large quantity. Including some agricultural products such as dried copra, fresh coconut & carabao mango fruits. <br>Pls feel free to contact us! <br>

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Laguna Marketing & Development Corp.


Pacita, San Pedro, Laguna



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Mining Pojects

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