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First of all I would like to have this opportunity to introduce Lea Hung drum Company Ltd. , as is one of the leading drum manufacturer in Taiwan. We are professional manufacturer of drum parts in Taiwan for many years and facility for both OEM and ODM. <br>Our working group has been in the field of music instruments for years and devoted ourselves to pursuing the goal of high quality products and service to meet our customers' requirement. <br>Especially, I would like to introduce our new product &quot;agile lug&quot; to<br>You. &quot;agile lug&quot; is a device could make the tunig much easier. Please refer to our website: www.leahung.com. If you need more information please do not hesitate to contact me. <br>I hope all these information could help you to know more about our company. <br>Do feel free to write to me if you need further information about our<br>Products. Of course you are always welcome to visit our company in the near future. <br>Looking forward to your kindly reply.

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1F. , No. 20-1, Nan Men Rd. , South District,


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Snare Drum,Snare Drum

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