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In the brilliant sky of the pyrotechnic industry, you can see an outstanding, bright and shining star - Liuyang Yongfa Industry Co., Ltd. <br> <br>Welcome to Liuyang Yongfa Industry Co., Ltd.! We are your most reliable supplier. &quot;Promoting quality and safety&quot; is our mission. We listen to your needs, and we deliver things we promise. We never end our efforts on exploring the art of fireworks. We are renowned for high quality, safety and good performance. We work at improving these in our Fireworks Institute, where we also invent new colors, effects and packaging. We develop numerous new items each year, bringing them to market. Each of our fireworks products is a masterpiece with elements of fire, color, light and sound. We understand a good quality product speaks much louder than any advertisement. We have been keeping very competitive in the field and we are sure we will be able to keep competitive in fireworks and other related products including reloadable shells, display shells, display cake fireworks, firecrackers, sky rockets, bottle rockets, fountain fireworks, roman candle fireworks, mine fireworks, repeater fireworks, Saturn missiles, smoke item fireworks, sparklers, firework parachutes and shell launching tubes in the next foreseeable years. Our goal is to continue to develop innovative new products for the worldwide market, and deliver them to you with the highest quality and the most competitive prices. <br> <br>The door to our factories and company is always widely opened. You are welcome to visit our factory at any time. We can arrange the demonstration show during your trip to our factory. <br> <br>Our products are greatly welcomed by customers from many countries. Our product lines cover the full range of 1.3G and 1.4G products. You have product needs; we have the solutions! We look forward to serving you! <br>

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Liuyang Yongfa Industry Co., Ltd.


NO.18 Tianma Road,Liuyang,Hunan,China



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