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Founded in 2003, Long In Tech Co., Ltd is a leading designer and manufacturer of mobile and portable digital surveillance systems. <br>With our highly proficient R&D team and our vastly experienced international sales team, we win the trust and respect of our customers by focusing on satisfying their requirements in a professional and supportive manner. <br>As a result, we are able to penetrate the high technology digital surveillance markets across the globe by conducting business with the police force, security and transportation sectors. <br>With the addition of our portable Mr. 1 Micro DVR, we are moreover entering the extreme sports market, which ranges from motorracing to paragliding to base jumping. <br>Each of our products is professionally designed to fit into a broad range of applications, and each of our products can be customized to suit your application to the last detail. <br>As we keep pace with the market trends, our R& D continuously strives to develop new generation products with the competitive edge that is vital for success.

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Long In Tech Co., Ltd.


2f, No. 200, Wu Chang Rd, Ling Ya District


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Portable DVR

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