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Our company &quot;LUMA&quot; was founded 1995. <br>We are a distributor exlease used computers, monitors and laser printers. <br>We import it from UE-Germany, Holland, Austria ans so on. <br>Apart from we are selling new hardware components (mouses, keyboards, speakers, power, USB, LPT cables) . <br>Our turnover for last year was 300 000 USD. This year we are planning growth about 60% this year <br>We would be to increase range offered components <br>Actually we are looking in Asia suppliers to it. <br>We are interesting in hardware components and GPS <br>If you have: <br>- good prices <br>- not expensive air cargo conditions <br>- offer garantee for your products <br>- your logistik system is able to send us goods in 7 days, <br>- &quot;CE&quot; sign <br>, please send us info. . <br>We want to trust new suppliers and are waiting little trust from your company. <br>What documents of our company you need to start of cooperation? <br>We speak English, but if you want, please don't hesitate to contact us. <br>

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Os. Oswiecenia 42/15



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Used PC

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