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Natural sea salt flakes is the gourmet experience from the mediterranean sea. <br>The unique crystal shaped flakes are infused with all the natural trace elements of minerals found in fresh waterchisalt. The finished product is light, <br>Flaky sea salt which is then harvested by hand in the old traditional way. Sailor sea salt flakes have a unique flavour. It is recommended to help control blood pressure and gain more flavour for less salt. <br>Sailor sea salt flakes are excellent as an all-around seasoning. Use it to decorate and finish your dish to a fantastic look. Sprinkle on roasted meat, on fish or chicken. <br>Go wild over a fresh bowl of pasta or salad sprinkled with these crunchy flakes. <br>Sailor sea salt flakes are produced in the old-fashioned traditional way. Fresh clean water from the mediterranean sea is filtered and pumped into large open pans. <br>After many hours of evaporation where experienced salt makers control the temperature, the pyramid shaped crystals are getting the right flavor, texture and size. The salt is then harvested dried, sieved and finally packed, all by hand. The result is a salt that is beautiful to look at and has the right &quot;crusty&quot; feeling when crushed between the fingertips and sprinkled onto food and salads. It simply brings out the best in every cuisine.<br>To conclude M.P.THEODOROU SALT INDUSTRY is the only sea salt and Sea Salt Flake manufacturer on the island of Cyprus, with full in-house facilities for complete processing and packaging of its product range. M.P.THEODOROU SALT INDUSTRY has consistently grown since 1982 from a 3 man undertaking to a full-scale salt manufacturing enterprise. As such, it currently ranks as the main supplier of major hotels, restaurants, food industries and supermarkets, and enjoys a local market share of 70%, and also exports to many countries around the world.

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M. P. Theodorou Salt Industry


Larnaka Industrial Estate P. O. Box.42586



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Sea Salt

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