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The product started when, in the early 70s, in a small firm in los angeles, col. Geronimo a. Dango, the founder and inventor of magiclip, works as a maintenance engineer, he observed mexican delivery boys playing with an engineer's t-square and junked ball bearings. The ball bearings when pressed against the t-square can hold up pieces of paper even without tapes, clips, or thumb tacks. This was a neat trick that took dango's interest and without his knowing brought an overwhelming change in his life. Born with a curious and inventive mind, dango bought the idea and realised that by using the similar technique, he could come up with a simple device that could bring great help to office workers in holding up paper works. And that was when the &quot;magiclip&quot; came into being. <br> <br>In 1977, dango was later awarded as the balik-scientist award issued by former philippine presdient ferdinand marcos. <br> <br>Though the market in the philippines for his magiclip did not do magic with sheer courage and determination, he relentlessly pushed his product and took the risk of putting up his own company, the herdan enterprises, which later on became herdan corporation, which produces a multiple other products using the &quot;magiclip&quot; concept. These included copy holders, telephone organizers, flip charts, desk organizers, and holders for negatoscope x-rays. <br>

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