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About Us, <br>Frank Keeler has been a commercial fisherman for 25 years and a sport fishing fanatic for 45! He knows what fish like! and what attracts them. <br>Frank has been making his own lures for 25 years and here is his latest effort, &quot;THE MANCHOVY&quot;. <br>The new and exciting &quot;MANCHOVY&quot; is a fun and easy lure to fish with. <br>Its versatility and durability lets the Manchovy to be fished in any conditions. <br>When casting from a boat, dock or bank, the Manchovy can be fished at any depth. <br>Its made of solid ABS plastic that lets it sink to the desired depth<br>My favorite way to fish the Manchovy is the slow to medium retrieve, stopping and starting at different intervals. <br>The Manchovy resembles a fish in distress, making it irresistible to all predator fish. <br>Its three lures in one. It rotates like a spinner bait, it wobbles and is tapered like a spoon and looks natural like a plug. <br>It can also be trolled with great success. <br>The included Curly Grub gives the Manchovy an added attraction that drives fish crazy! <br>Bass love this lure! <br>You can also Buzz Manchovy on top water fast retrieve for early morning or evening Bass fishing. <br>The Manchovy can be fished in Salt or Freshwater. <br>Its two sizes and three color combinations will attract fish in different light and weather conditions. <br>The vibration that this lure creates when moving through the water is amazing! <br>&quot;FISH CAN'T RESIST IT&quot;<br>MANCHOVY IS THE MOST ENJOYABLE LURE YOU WILL EVER FISH WITH! <br>Finally a plug, spoon and spinner in one<br>The Manchovy the best lure you can buy<br>The Manchovy comes in blue gold or green and in two different sizes 3 7 / 8&quot; or 2 1 / 2&quot;<br>Regards, <br>

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