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We are photo lab owner, for our bussiness expansion we are looking for some photo goods or services new bussiness <br>We are also starting a software company our product will be as listed below <br>INNOVATIONS- <br>1. Preventing Software Piracy by identifying or designing a unique pattern of sectors that possess a higher reading time, on the magnetic or optical storage disk, the software is stored on <br>Patent Pending <br>2. Developed a newest Technology for &quot;Protecting Web Logon&quot;, Patent Pending <br>SOFTWARES <br>Hospital Management System <br>Image Capturing and Report Generation (Sono Access, Endo Access, Digital X-ray, Angio / C-Arm) <br>Education <br>Computer Base tutorial on C-language <br>

Company Introduction

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Mayur Studios


320, Rama Heritage, Center Spine



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Main Products:

Photo Printing

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