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Nanjing Jinhao Rain-Flower Stone Co., Ltd. is located in Nanjing, which is one of the largest companies specialized in the mining, production, and process of natural pebble, Yuhua agate stone, agate, Yuhua mats, Yuhua agate meshes, water filtration materials, quartz sand, decorative materials, and all kinds of colored gravels. <br> <br>Our company has a large-scale mining area. Our company has import and export rights and provides quality services. <br> <br>Cobblestone Specifications: 0.8-1.5cm; 1-2cm; 2-4cm; 3-5cm; 4-6cm; 5-8cm; 8-15cm; and 15-20cm <br>Yuhua agate Specifications: 1-2cm;

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Nanjing Jinhao Rain-Flower Stone Co., Ltd.


Tongwang Village, Xinhuang Town, Liuhe District



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