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We are in this field for the past 3 decades. We are the manufacturer of alkyds, synthetic resins. We have our branch in chennai. <br>We are famous in the market for our following manufacturing products: <br>1) Long linseed oil alkyd, <br>2) Rosinated D. C. O. Alkyd, <br>3) Rosinated Linseed Oil Alkyd, <br>4) Soya Medium Alkyd, <br>5) Long linseed Oil based Alkyd, <br>5) Long Soya-Bean Oil Based Alkyd, <br>6) Maleic Resin Oil Soluble, <br>7) Maleic Resin Spirit Soluble, <br>8) Phenolic Resin Oil Soluble, <br>9) Estergum Industrial and Food Grade, <br>10) Alumunium medium. <br>We are famous in the market for products that we trade are as follows: <br>1) Rosin of all grades, <br>2) D. D. Turpentine, <br>3) Pine oil, <br>4) Pine tar, <br>5) Terpenol. <br>We are also famous in the market for good quality products and the trust of the people on us. <br>

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Niharika Paints & Chemicals Pvt. Ltd.


P-41 Princep Street, 5th Fl. Suit No. 524



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Long Oil

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