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Nortech International was established in 1969 to import parking garage equipment and components. However, by 1980, it was designing, producing and manufacturing its own vehicle and access-related products, which were exported to European markets, and later to North America, Australia and the Far East. <br><br>Nortech is now a recognized independent global supplier of manufactured components for vehicle and traffic detection, people counting solutions and access related products. It has become one of the worlds largest suppliers of inductive loop detectors, with an installed base in excess of 1 million channels, all manufactured at its ISO9001: 2008 facility.<br><br>The Nortech people counting solution was born from the need to accurately count people and vehicles in all conditions, through entrances, in passages, walkways and sidewalks. Unlike our competitors, HeadCount is not limited by environmental conditions such as background lighting and outdoor weather conditions and can operate even in the event of power-downs and blackouts. HeadCount operates 24/7, 365 days a year to ensure data with absolute integrity.<br><br>Nortech is a Technology Partner of Diamond Consulting Services from UK and now supply patented Idris Technology solutions for traffic detection, data collection and incident detection for applications such as Vehicle Classification, Tolling, Vehicle Enforcement, Incident Detection, Vehicle Profiling and Journey Time. Nortech has designed and developed specific hardware to cater for the Idris technology and can supply complete solutions catered to your specific requirements. <br><br>IdentiPark which is an advanced parking guidance system, designed to offer you an easy, controllable parking facility solution. This provides many benefits for all stakeholders, including:<br>- Ensure a pleasurable and stress free parking experience<br>- Instantly pinpoint available parking spaces<br>- Maximise your profitability and revenues<br>- Eliminate driver frustration<br>- Ensure an eco-friendly facility<br>- Stop congestion <br>- Reduce illegally parked vehicles<br>- Eliminate meandering<br>- Develop a devoted customer base<br>- Establish a marketable reputation for convenient and efficient parking<br><br>Nortech receives accreditation for its products in line with international requirements such as CE, C-TICK, FCC, Highways Agency, RTA, DoT, EPA, ISO and RoHS, underlining the companys commitment to quality. The company also seeks to differentiate itself from competitors through service excellence offering: quick response; competitive pricing; personal sales and support; customization and application-specific design; industrialization; innovative solutions; technical support and warranted products. <br><br>Nortechs international success is largely based on the quality, stability and durability of its products. Ingenuity and innovation are of key importance too; Nortechs achievements include several worldwide patents.<br><br>Nortech is now represented in more than 35 countries through an ever-expanding global distribution network. Even so, the original distributors continue to support Nortech today; this is a clear indication of the sort of long-term relationship, based on trust, value and quality that Nortech enjoys.

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