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Outreach International focuses on bio-fuels and alternative energy and in program to control of climate change by reducing green house gases through clean energy enhancement program following the Kyoto Protocol standards and to protect the Earth from Global Climate Change. <br>We have started a new project of Jatropha curcas for green fuel. We are very excited about the prospect of the project, and how the project will impact in many farmers and poor community economically, environmentally, socially and technologically. <br>Jatropha Oil is better in many ways than Palm Oil. It grows in marginal land and drought resistant and improves soil condition. <br>We are introducing an expanding to an ever increasing plan to grow 500, 000 hectares of Jatropha Curcas Linn by 2012. This expansion is mainly in marginal land and we do this in cooperation with local governments, community organizations, NGOs, and mainly with farmers. <br>We seek partners and financier to cooperate in our Jatropha project. <br>Please contact us for a PowerPoint presentation file which will give you ideas about jatropha plant and our plan to grow 100 thousand hectares of Jatropha in Indonesia. Our projected production level in Year VII of operation would be 50, 000 M/ T per Month or about 600, 000 M/ T per year. <br>We are looking forward to do business with you <br>

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