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Oznur Aydinlatma is established in 1998 with the aim of producing quality and alternative oriented gardening and outdoor illumination armatures within itself in order to meet the requirements in the illumination sector. Since it was established, Oznur Aydinlatma has only worked on outdoor illumination and by putting all our knowledge and effort into this specific field, we are specialized on illumination armatures production. <br>As a result of its investments effected, Oznur Aydinlatma has become one of the leading companies in Turkey in outdoor illumination sector with its production quality and quantity. <br>As Oznur Aydinlatma A. S, we have become the biggest glob producer in Turkey with the investments that are realized in 2007 and 2008. Our company is producing globs in various models and dimensions. Within the same process, we have improved our engine park and started our sales in plastic armature group and the armature group that is useable on wet ground. <br>

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Oznur Aydinlatma A.S.


1203 / 5 No: 5 / B Yenisehir



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Illumination Armature

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