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Founded in 1995, PACCESS International Trading (Shenzhen) Co., Ltd. is a global service and trading company focusing exclusively on helping our customers improve their material sourcing and packaging and supply chain operations. We have long experience in paper, pulp & secondary fiber trading as well as packaging design, procurement, material management, logistics, distribution and order fulfillment. With sales of exceeding $300 million and 200 employees around the world, we have the scope and expertise to address most fiber, paper and packaging requirements. <br> <br>Our headquarters is in Portland, Oregon. Additionally, we have offices in China (Shenzhen, Shanghai, Qingdao, Hong Kong), Taiwan (Taipei and Taizhong), Italy, India, Vietnam, Thailand, and Indonesia. <br> <br>We develop and deliver customized products and business solutions through our Fiber, Paper and Packaging Materials and Supply Chain Services Divisions. Our company employs a customer-centric approach, utilizing industry best business practices, to manage orders and related transactions from inception through final end use performance. We utilize state of the art information technology to enable the often complex work flow across supply chains in the global production network. <br> <br>The driving force behind our evolution and growth has been and remains our customer-focused and high-touch approach to build, manage and leverage strategic relationships. Our mission is to CHALLENGE, INNOVATATION and DELIVERY. <br> <br>Our traded products include paper, pulp, secondary fiber and our service products include packaging solutions and materials sourcing. <br> <br>Specific paper grades include but are not limited to containerboard, box board, tissue paper, art paper, newsprint and specialty paper. <br> <br>We source quality goods worldwide from a range of world class suppliers. We have extensive experience with many multi-national companies and many global brands. We manage over 500,000 tons of packaging materials and serve over 200 packaging converters or agents in all parts of the world. <br> <br>If you are looking for paper & paper packaging products from China, in particular, through our extensive supply network and knowledge we can assure you transparency, credibility & compliance from potential sourcing partners. We can provide worldwide alternatives as well to ensure competitiveness. And we will, as required, manage your product from the its source through to your facility. <br>Our team in China knows the mills, converters and related service providers to meet your needs <br> <br>Our worldwide network of industry specialists in strategically located offices can ensure the best alternative and insure competitiveness <br>Our US headquarters insures close coordination <br>We can buy, sell, act as your agent or consult for all paper packaging related needs!

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Paccess International Trading (Shenzhen) Co., Ltd.


2nd Floor, North Building of Changxing Mansion, North Hua Qiang Road, Futian District



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