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PANROSA is a modern manufacturer with research capacity, a production base, a worldwide sales team and facilities, specialized in personal care and household care products. Our company has capital invested in by our parent company - Panrosa Enterprises, Inc. <br> <br>Panrosa brand is well-known for Personal Care and Household Care products throughout North and South America. Our company has rich capital, an expert research team, advanced design concepts and vivid product styles, which make Panrosa brand eminent. Located in a County of Los Angeles in California in the United States, Panrosa has a research and worldwide sales network. Because our company has high quality designs and knows the latest packaging trends, our products are sold in thousands of stores all over the North and South America. Panrosa Enterprises, Inc. has federal registered trademarks for Personal Care products, such as Panrosa, Queenstar, Sakuray and Babipan, and for Household and Laundry Care products, such as Lave, Usol and Clensol. <br> <br>We focus on new product research, product quality and the development of many lab technologies of personal care and household care formulas. Panrosa focuses on product quality, new product research and high tech formula development. Panrosa also develops natural, organic and low-carbon products. The majority of biological ingredients, elements and high-tech performance materials are imported from the United States. Panrosa will formally advance to face the newly emerging product revolution. <br> <br>Our advantage is having professional and international level research and design teams for product design and development. With the advantages of the latest technologies, new concepts and new product creation, Panrosa aspires to become a worldwide leader in this industry, which will allow Panrosa Enterprises, Inc. to hold a leading position in major American markets and major tradeshows. <br> <br>We want to bring consumers a more personalized style and the latest trended quality products, and allow consumers to enjoy the products so that they can feel pleasant and comfortable all the time. By doing so, Panrosa will have a larger sales volume and our products will be filled with the consumer markets to become one of the leaders among personal and household care companies. <br> <br>Our company was built in Shanghai which is the largest commercial and trade center city in China, and is located in Shanghai Biological Industrial Park. Our company was built according to the international medicine level of GMP, with a 100,000sqm purification workshop. Our company has the latest technology, equipment, production lines and purification environment. Our company also has an advanced American management system, with years of production experience in the American market. Our company has a strict production quality control system, and also cooperates with well-known quality testing companies. Our company has much experience in merchandise for the American market, and our tests and quality meet American FDA standards. All these factors make Panrosa brand internationally eminent. Our company has already obtained Chinese trademarks for our personal care products: Panrosa, Queenstar, Sakuray and Babipan, and for household & laundry care products, such as Usol and Clensol. <br> <br>Panrosa is for you and your home, and for your happiness & luckiness; we work hard and effectively to advance toward progress. We strongly believe Panrosa products will be successful worldwide.

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Panrosa (Shanghai) Biotechnology Co., Ltd.


568 LanGong Road



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Hand Soap

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