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The business' birth arena paolo and the evolution came from a productive contest of solofra' s locality, in avellino's province from many years known like one of the biggest leather's poles. <br>Society with ten years of experience in the leather for garments sector. The production covers a scale of articles from economic to prestige. <br>The treated skins, of elevated quality, result tested by continues interventions aging and rubbing proofs, securing so the use of a product, with the most suitable skins' manufacturing property. <br>The production is oriented to foreign and italian market. With the expert equip' s collaboration arena paolo takes care of the prime material' selection and processing and the various stages that go from the choice of unrafinated to the distribution of the finish product on the market by a stitch network of representatives that operate in Italy and foreign. <br>The 'quality factor' remain the first reason of the thought and work carry out from the business, transferring so with essential clear taste in the first element in the garments' range. <br>The complete skins' collection, studied with the stylist' s collaboration guarantee as rich scale of colors. Every season, in fact, to satisfy the more and more qualified clients' exigencies, is studied and carries out a wide folder of colors. <br>

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Paolo Arena


Via S. Andrea,6



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Leather product

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