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Greetings Outdoor Enthusiast! <br>I hope this finds you ALL in great health! My name is Michael. I'm an avid hunter / angler. I would like to alert the fishing / outdoor world about a brand NEW fishing product for 2008! They are the world's smallest micro engineered fishing rods and reels. The NEW version of the pen rod is called the pen fishing rod extreme! This rod is now available to the general public just in time for the Holiday Season! There is no other item like it in the US! We have teamed up with the original manufacturers of the fish pen or pen rod and commissioned them to create a LIMITED EDITION for the outdoor consumer. <br>There will NOT be another pen rod created after this one. This is the maximum size / specs available in the very compact 8&quot; pen fishing rod housing. Our new fishing blank extends to a FULL 4' 9&quot;! ! That's 57&quot; compared to the smaller version which is a mere 36-39&quot;. We had two brand NEW reels created exclusivley for our customers. We encourage you to go out and compare prices, as we are confident that we offer the best products and quality available anywhere on the internet! <br>We have already been contacted by several outdoor retailers who will be distributing our rods and reels in the near future. As always, please feel free to contact us if you have ANY questions about our products. A full overlay will be mailed directly to the responding company or email address. If you would like to retail the rods and reels, we will be happy to help you get started. You don't have to be a big company or an individual with a lot of money. We are willing to work directly with you to make the magic of owning your own business or PT distribution dreams happen. It is our dream and goal to place at least one pen rod extreme in each outdoor / fishing enthusiasts' hands across the nation. Come join the penfishingrods. com family! We would love to have you. <br>Starting in 2009, Penrodlife. com will be available exclusively to customers & fellow pen rodders with the highly coveted pen rod extreme. They will be able to log in, upload photos, share stories, blog & quite possibly meet their new pen fishing buddy. There will be contests and prizes awarded as well. We are working on a NEW video for our site that will BLOW you away. We went out & captured more than our limit in rainbow trout & other species of fish on the pen rod extreme. <br>Our next video is going to be WILD! ! We are going to show our customers how to battle & land fish from 6-10lbs with the new pen rod extreme We test ALL of our products ourselves & give them an unbiased evaluation. If you have a new product or prototype that you would like to send us for evaluation, feel free to do so. We will give it the same treatment we give our own products. You never know, YOUR product or invention may be featured in one of our next videos. <br>If you would like to retail or license these rod / reel combos, feel free to contact us via the Bulk Sales email address or telephone directly. Number available upon request & evaluation. <br>Please allow up to 48 hrs for a response due to volume of information being requested. We appreciate your patronage. <br>We are an American owned company! <br>penfishingrods. com<br>penfishingreels. com<br>

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