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About Us<br>PENMEN Global Languages is a platform dedicated towards the study of Chinese language & culture, where in learners develop the skills to communicate inter linguistically & gain insight into other culture<br>Our Methodology<br>Our hand-on, interactive & personalized approach ensures that you will understand & speak from the very first day, while mastering grammar and syntax. <br>Our Teachers<br>Our teachers are our greatest asset, PENMEN employs language experts that are specially trained to teach their language to others, which makes them highly effective when it comes to helping students maximize learning. <br>Our Courses<br>Our courses are designed to meet the needs of the modern Learner with a busy lifestyle. It is designed in such a manner which makes a second language as easy & interesting as it gets. <br>Our Students<br>We have students from all walks of life, from business people learning a language for professional reasons to people learning a language for enhancing their qualification or planning a holiday to the native country<br>

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