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We would like to introduce ourselves as one of the leading garment manufacturer and exporter in Bangladesh, the home of quality and affordable products. Our dedicated expertise to the garments sector is continuously put under the skill sharpener to cater the world market with high quality textile and apparel products.<br>We step in to cater your needs where you may find it hard and laborious to come to decision which company and product to pick up. Our knowledge-rich team is right there to detail you ins and outs of the business you are about to enter into.<br>We have taken extreme care to develop a strong network of loyal suppliers who know their Jobs well, who excel in the art of garment making, who care that what is delivered should stay delivered. We always believe ethical and transparent relationship with our customers and suppliers and continue to strengthen them through high quality service. <br>We understand and value the culture and bridge the gap between the overseas customers and local manufacturer in ways to make the journey hand to hand towards a win situation.<br>Our company maintains a constantly high standard of business conduct, ethics and social responsibility. We take pride in the efficiency of what we do and always employ the most effective and latest technology available to reflect the positive change in the business with time.<br>Our most important asset is the informed human resources who constitute our company.<br>We are committed to growth and improvements of all aspects of our operation and will continue to be the leader in our industry.<br>Thank You<br>**************<br>Rahman<br>Managing Director<br>Perfect Sourcing Ltd<br>Mohakhali, Dhaka-1212. <br>Bangladesh

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