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Peru Leder Export is a company that since 1995 is devoted to the transformation of leathers and skins from The Andes (alpaca, ovine, llama) and Peruvian forest (peccary) in leathers and skins of fine quality, which are processed and elaborated according to the best standards of quality for the making of gloves, blankets, vests, slippers among other garments that are acquired by our exclusive clients of the European and North American international market. Likewise we are committed in satisfying the necessities of each one of our clients offering them a product of quality to a tentative price in the market. <br>The values of our organization commit us to respect the nature not depredating the peccary in their natural environment and minimizing the polluting waste to preserve the environment. <br>Our company has CITES and SENASA certificates depending on the type of skins and leathers to export, offering security, quality and trust toward our clients. <br>

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Peru Leder Export SAC website:www.perulederexport.com


Pque Ind Rio Seco Mza C Lte 9-10 C. C.



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Peccary Leather

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