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PRO release began in 1981, when gary todd first designed and then patented the 'original' trophy hunter release aid which at the time, completely took the archery world by storm. The trophy hunter soon became a favorite among archers for its smooth release, durability, and ease of use. <br>The trophy hunter was not only used by hunters, but also by target shooters for competition. The guiness book of world records in archery for the most consecutive shots was set using the trophy hunter ball-bearing release aid-and it never broke the serving. <br>Today, many archers still use the trophy hunter because of that same ease of use, dependable reliability, and smooth ball-bearing feel. The trophy hunter was followed by the PRO roller and rollaid release aid designs using our patented roller-bearing and caliper technology. PRO release's latest release aid is the high-precision, high-performance silver bullet dual-caliper release aid. <br>

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