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Our company has acquired the dermocosmetic list of Progest I. C. SRL in the course of the 2000, existing firm in the Italian market of the parafarmaceutic products from beyond 12 years. <br>Our list includes products for the hair, where we are owners of a patent of a molecule (Triaminodil (r) having a tricological activity like Minoxidil, prepared for the treatment of the acne, for the cleansing of the body and a pediatric line. <br>Our products are trade in Italy through medical propaganda and are extremely appreciated from the skin specialists and from the pediatricians for the elevated effectiveness and the exceptional tolerability. <br>All our functional products have been try on patient from principal universities institutes of research for verify the real effectiveness and tolerability. <br>

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Proderma SRL


Via Rocco Santoliquido, 83-00123 Roma



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Tricological Lotions

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