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&quot;Prometeu-T&quot; S. A. Is moldavian exporter of kernel walnuts and beans. It is located in Chisinau (Kishinev) , capital of Republic of Moldova. <br>Moldova has favorable climate and soils for growing perennial and annual plants. Moldavian walnuts are light color (from golden to light brown) and have good taste. Walnuts fast gained one of the leading export positions in moldavian agrarian sector. <br>Moldova is a big producer of beans. Our company exports several sorts of white and color beans. <br>&quot;Prometeu-T&quot; S. A. is a family business. It was organized in 1994. We have skillful and experienced management and highly trained personnel. This experience was gained during seven years of continuous growth of our commercial activity (about 25% each year) . <br>In 1995 we started working with a dutch importer of kernel walnuts. Next year we continued our work with a French company. We are working with them till now. In 1998 we loaded first trucks with beans for a turkish company. Beans became our second export item. Since 1998 our export volume of beans substantially increased. <br>In 2001, the international selection committee of bid, business initiative directions, made up of a group of companies and prestigious professionals decided to present the international quality summit award for excellence and business prestige in the gold category to &quot;Prometeu-T&quot; S. A. Bid, the European foundation for quality management, the w. Edwards deming institute, the American society for quality, ISO (international organization for standardization, the juran institute and the shingo prize have contributed in the last 40 years to the area of quality culture to promoting continuous improvement in the world's most competitive companies. This international trophy recognizes commitment of the company to quality, leadership, technology and innovation. <br>

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Prometeu-T S. A.


33 Petricani Str.



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Walnut Kernels

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