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A medium size trading company located in Jakarta, Indonesia. Company business lines include : synthetic leather for sofa and shoes and shoes components such as outsole, insole, and micro-fiber lining. Our suppliers range from UK, Taiwan, Thailand, and Korea. We are 100% importer for the mentioned items. Our market share in Indonesia is as below : <br>- Synthetic leather for sofa --> 40% <br>- Synthetic leather for shoes --> 10% <br>- Shoes components --> 30% <br> <br>Our main customers located in Java, Sumatera, Kalimantan, and Bali.

Company Introduction

Company Details:

PT. Intrapenta Jaya Sakti


Kompleks Citta Graha. Jln. Panjang No.26 Block 2L



Year Established:


Main Products:

Synthetic leather for sofa and shoes

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