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We belong to the Yashvi International Group one of the leading Suppliers of chemicals, agricultural produce and various miscellaneous items produced and manufactured in Indonesia and India. <br>We are mainly successful due to our<br>Strategic location<br>Our offices are strategically located in major cities of Indonesia and India such as Mumbai, Delhi, Jakarta<br>Quality of product and Quality of service<br>What we are today is because of only one thing and that is 'quality'. We very well understand our customers thirst for quality and shall always strive to keep the customer satisfied. Our quality is guaranteed and we stand firmly behind each of our shipment<br>Our working staff<br>Our people are one of our major strength. They have been well trained to handle and control the most difficult situation. They are regularly trained to meet the most stringent quality requirements of our customers and we are very proud of them. They shall be able to process your orders most expeditiously and efficiently and they shall be in constant touch with our customers so as to inform them of the regular developments and progress for each order. It is because of them that we have a very loyal customer base today. <br>[OUR PRODUCTS]<br>We are one of the leading suppliers of chemicals such as Activated Bleaching Earth, Gum Rosin, Gum Turpentine, and various miscellaneous items produced and manufactured in Indonesia. <br>

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PT Naval Overseas


Jln Angkasa No 18



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Gum Rosin

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