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Mei Kar Industrial Co.,Ltd is a professional manufacturer and exporter of various types of umbrellas,luggage,soft bags for more than ten years,Beautiful coastal island Xiamen is our headquarter and we have our own factories located in Quanzhou city,The factory occupied a floor space of 60,800 square metres. We have more than 2000 staffs working together with strictly quality inspected support which will enable us to provide excellent service for both local & overseas clients. <br> <br>Mei Kar works closely with its client's design team during product development and maintains a cooperative relationship at all times.Our products are exported to over 125 countries and territories including the USA,UK,Germany Ukraine Russia,Belgium,Italy,Brazil,Mexico,Uruguay,Serbia Dubai,Japan,Korea,Thailand, etc.,Meikar produces over $15 million umbrellas annually with a production value of up to $18 million. <br> <br>MeiKar Leveraging on its advanced technologies,coupled with a high production capacity and comprehensive one-stop services,has its products diversified ranging from children umbrella,pvc umbrella,folding umbrella,golf umbrella and promotion umbrella,and luggage,soft bags like toilet kit,beauty case,backpack,should bag,travel bag,wheel duffle,garment bag,briefcase,leather bag,handbag,lady's bag,shopping bag,etc.to have become the most favorable choices for buyers. <br> <br>MeiKar company offers communications on a very personal level.We keep in touch with our clients through a variety of means,including face to face meetings,quarterly updates,and written reports.Based on our understanding and client's requirement,we provide professional suggestion to customize your specific needs and enhance your business. <br> <br>We sincerely warmly welcome you to contact us to develop business of umbrella,luggage and bags from all over the world.

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Quanzhou Mei Kar Umbrella Co., Ltd.


Room 1903-1905,Grand Imperial Plaza ,Xiahe Road



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