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We are the Independent Software Vendor. Specialize in Business Software, Integrated Accounting Software, and ERP. We can customize our software to suit any business practice. We are looking for business partner to distribute our software with negotiable commission. <br>AccStar is our software developed under the. NET framework technology (C# ) . It was designed to meet the most demanding business processing needs. It is a neat-simple-but-powerful, easy-to-use, full-featured ERP system. With powerful analysis, reporting and customization. End user can modify the exsitng reports, forms or create the new one base on the existing data. Support multi-language. You can easily add any language supported by Microsoft Windows (Chinese is ready) to AccStar. Please visit our website to explore features, WWW. rachada. COM. <br>

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Accstar Is The Integrated Accounting Software (Include Manufacturing Function) . Support Multi-Langu

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