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RIZCOM MARKETING Is Committed To Serve The Oversea Buyers By Providing The Supplies Of Top Grade Quality Products.<br>Items In Which We Deal Are As Follows.<br><br>*- Police / Military and Paintball Gloves<br>*- Hand Embroidery Bullion Crest / Blazer Badges<br>*- Coat Of Arms / Family Crests / Emblem / Banners / Flags<br>*- Gold Bullion Embroidery Masonic Badges<br>*- Church Crest<br>*- Church and Processional Banners<br>*- Pennant<br>*- Sashes<br><br>*- Embroidery Scissors<br><br>*- Officer Hussar Military Jacket<br>*- Safety Gloves - Rescue Gloves - Hi Viz Gloves .<br><br>*- Police / Military Gloves<br>*- Mechanics Gloves<br>*- Safety Gloves<br><br>*- Fingerless Paintball Gloves ( With Plastic Protection - Mesh & Foam )<br>*- Full Finger Paintball Gloves ( With Plastic Protection - Mesh & Foam )<br><br>*- Leather Gloves<br>*- Fishing Gloves<br>*- Motocross Gloves<br>*- Hi-Viz Gloves<br><br><br><br><br>Thanking You In Anticipation & Waiting For Yours Soonest & Favorable Response. <br>Regards,<br><br>M. Waseem <br>Owner<br>Rizcom Marketing<br><br>sales (at ) bullionwirebadges.com<br><br>Our Items:<br>Wire Bullion Badges ,Bullion Wire Badges , Blazer Badges , Hand Embroidered Bullion Badges, Emblems, Patches, Wings, <br>Epaulettes, Uniform Regalia's, Cap Visors, Family Crests, Flags, Banners, Sashes, Lanyards, Trimmings, Braids, Metal Badges, Buttons, Shoulder boards, Ranks & Regimental Badges, Leather Belts and all other Military Navy,Fashion Badges Air Force Accoutrements, Uniform Equipment for Police, Fire Departments, Defence Services & Clubs Hand Embroidered Badges, Blazer Badges, Cap Badges, Navy Cap Badges,Hand Embroidered Wings ,Hand Embroidered Pillows, Sashes, Machine Embroidered Badges,Buttons, Tips, Marble Base, Flag Stands, Ribbons, Fringes, cords, Kilts , Tartan , Metal Badges, Hand Embroidered Wings, Gorgets & Cuff Titles, Hand Embroidered Double Sided Flags,Family Crests ,Coat of Arms, Hand Embroidered Pillows, Pennants & Paper Holder, Banner & Ribbons, Masonic Patches Aprons & Ceremonial Waist Belts Sashes, Woven Labels, Machine Embroidered Badges, Printed Flags, Buttons, Tips, Marble Base & Flag Stands, Metalused Laces & Braids, Ribbons, Fringes & Cords, Musical Instruments, Metal Badges, Gold & Silver Plated Brooches & Belt Buckles, Belts Buckles Hand Cuffs, Slide, Shoulders & Epaulettes, Epaulettes, Leather Sporrans, Aiguillettes & Hat Cords, Sword Knots, Whistle Cords, Whistles & Dress Cords, Chin Cords & chevrons Canvas, Nylon & Leather Belts, Sam Browne Belts, Swords, Frogs & Musicians Belts , Officer's Caps, Mini Cap & Peaks, Police, Army , Air Force , Official Base Ball & , Fashion Caps, Army & Navy Hats, Leather Fashion Caps & Beret Caps, Hackles & Plumes, Pace Stick, Command Sticks, Flag Poles, Tops & Mace, Seat Stick Sword & Knives, Army Uniform & Trousers, Hussar, Hussar Jacket, Rizcom Marketing, Waseem.

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Rizcom Marketing


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Hussar Jacket,Hussar Jacket

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