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Nik Import Export was formed by the initiative of few individuals who had a strong desire. Over the year our Metal Scrap movement and trading has grown into revolution. Today our organization has grown to fulfill the needs of metal scrap in the world. <br>At Nik Import Export our fundamental objective is to establish an integrated Metal Scrap recyling industry and minimize ecological hazards by converting Metal scrap into useful goods that are of enhanced quality. <br>Nik Import Export aims to explore new horizons in Metal Scrap Business. To translate our vision into a reality, we selected a place called MUMBAI (India) as our head office and we also have our branch in London (UK) as our major metal scrap resources are made by London Branch. <br>Consistent to our conviction to excel we have always been excellence in production standards. By now our team has good market research and strong selling power all over the world and we source a scrap from globe. <br>

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Rushi BioOrganic Pvt. Ltd


A Wing 301 Centre Point Building



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Main Products:

Metal Scrap

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