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We are Leading Manufacturers of Natural Rock Salt Lamps in Lahore Pakistan namely SALT SOURCES COMPANY. <br>Our special products are Crafted Salt Lamps and Crafted Candle Holders. Like Pyramid shape, Diamond, Egg, Ball, Tear Drop, Tower, Heart Lamp, Mushroom, Fire Bowl, Cone, Cube shape etc, <br>And many design in hand made like Frog, Lion, Fish, etc, Salt Tiles & Salt Bricks etc, Candle Holders, Apple, and Heart, Round, Oval, Natural Candle Holders etc, And Natural Lamps we can give in size 1. 5 to 100 kgs easy. We deal in industrial Salt, Edible Salt, Bath Salt, Salt Chunks, We have much design in website please visit at Saltsources. com. We give best rates and quality with Timely Services,

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Salt Sources Company


1-FACTORY---Khawaja Wali Town Barki Road Lahore, 2-FACTORY--Mianwali sargodha road Quaid Abad, 3-FACTORY--Koot Chandna road Kala Bagh



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Salt Lamps,Salt Lamps

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