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We are a family company working since 78 in plastics and printing industry, main company that we have worked with: <br>Polimeri europa, dor chemicals, carmel chemicals, dow, slovnaft, sun chemical, MAC dermid, union derivan, polyram, dead sea bromine and many others. <br>We started as agent and then became also distributor of many products (commodities and specialties) . Since 5 years we sold main activity and remain in Film food packaging and printing inks for news and packaging. <br>We have since 12 years a joint venture in Germany for the distribution of PE granules. <br>We are looking to expand our activity into the food packaging industry with the following film (pa, pet, PVC) to be sold into the italian mk. <br>We look for an agent in china for exporting from Italy plastic scrabs post consumption as Pet bottles, HDPE and pe film. <br>

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Sarge SRL


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